Cheap tours Program to travel through Sinaloa are launched.


The tours will begin on May 20 and will seek to mobilize around 6,300 people, with rates from 385 pesos for minors to 1,199 pesos for adults.

MAZATLAN. –The Ministry of Tourism launches the “Discover Sinaloa” program to encourage internal visits and for you to become a tourist in your own state.

This program explained the Secretary of Tourism, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, will begin on May 20 and will end until December 17, where they will invest around 4 million pesos in support of transportation, with an economic benefit greater than 9 million of pesos.

“It seeks to promote inter-municipal tourism in the state, with the objective that Sinaloans get to know the tourist attractions of Sinaloa; This program is low-cost, accessible to Sinaloans, encouraging social and inclusive tourism in the state,” she stated.

The idea, said Palacios Domínguez, is to make approximately 150 trips, distributed over 31 weekends, with the option to choose 24 different tours, starting from Culiacán, Los Mochis, Mazatlán and Escuinapa.

What do the packages include and how much do they cost?

The program will have these 24 tours for sale that will leave every weekend, with a cost according to occupancy of 385 pesos for children under 11 years of age; thousand 199 pesos in individual rate; as a couple, the rate will be 849 pesos per person; for three people, the tour will cost 749 pesos; while, for a group of four, the rate per person will be 599 pesos.

The package will include round trip transportation according to the itinerary of the selected route; 2 days and 1 night of lodging; complimentary breakfast; local guide at the destination; and life insurance on board the unit.

The tour consists of spending one night and visiting at least two municipalities per package, leaving on Saturdays, and returning on Sunday, in addition, the tour operators and state travel agencies that participate will have their registration with the SAT and will have your National Tourism Registry for more confidence.

“We calculate that this program would leave around 9 million pesos, and it should also be mentioned that we are betting that people will return once they discover these destinations and fall in love with this place, they will want to return… these are the 8 months contemplated “, said.

Tours Departing from Mazatlan

Évora Route: La Reforma-Mocorito-Guamúchil

El Fuerte: Culiacán-Guamúchil-El Fuerte

Cortés Island: Culiacán-Navolato-Altata-Mocorito-Guamúchil

From the coast to the mountains: Surutato-Mocorito-Guamúchil

Heraclio Bernal: Coyotitán-Cabazán-San Javier-San Ignacio-Cosalá

To know the other routes, you can consult the SECTUR social networks or through the line 667-758-7063.

Palacios Domínguez took advantage of the “La Semanera” conference to inform that from May 18 to August 6, the “Magic and Culture” program will be implemented, a project developed to promote the four Magical Towns of Sinaloa as regional tourist destinations with cultural identity and rooted in their traditions.

These events will take place in El Fuerte, Mocorito, Cosalá and Rosario, where the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the Sinaloa State Work Training Institute and the Sinaloa Institute of Culture will participate.

There will be 4 festivals, 20 murals, training, photo booths, alleys, workshops, and cultural projects that will work for tourism diversification.

Source: Punto