Can you be fined for invading the preferential lane?


MAZATLAN. – A project that has generated divided opinions in the port is the preferential lane, which has already been tested for 3 months and has already begun to generate results, but there is still the question of whether the elements of Transit can fine the motorist who invades the road.

For carriers, the preferential lane came to speed up road flow, but for private motorists, it was the opposite.

For a few days, speedbumps have been placed to further delimit the lane, and prevent vehicles from circulating.

Can they fine you if you invade the lane?

Often, especially at night, motorists invade the lane, not only to drive, but also to park.

Given this, the deputy director of Municipal Transit, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, commented that while the work is not finished, the traffic agents will only be able to raise awareness among the public and invite them to remove their vehicles from the area.

“Private cars that enter the preferential lane area are still being made aware, they are asked not to do it there, only to turn, since it can cause damage to the cars that have to jump over the speedbumps”, he mentioned.

He said that until the work is completed, the municipal Transit elements will not be able to apply the respective fines to anyone caught using this space, since the regulation is clear that only trucks or, where appropriate, some emergency service can use it.

“Every day the agents talk to the people who stop at banks, hospitals or other points, so that they understand that this place is no longer for that and that they use the streets to avoid any type of accident,” he said.