‘Routes from Sinaloa to AIFA can reduce flight rates’: Velarde Cárdenas


The undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism expressed that it could be beneficial for Mazatlán to have, from two vacation weeks together in Holy Week and Easter to three if the International Motorcycle Week is moved.

MAZATLAN. – If the route from Sinaloa to the “Felipe Ángeles” International Airport in Mexico City were to be finalized, it could be possible to increase competitiveness and reduce flight rates, said the Undersecretary of Promotion, Industry and Tourist Operation in Sinaloa, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

The official said this after a visit by the Ministry of Tourism to AIFA, where they seek to land at the Culiacán and Mazatlán airports and diversify the routes and achieve greater connectivity along with the rates.

“This opening of new routes can benefit both municipalities so that cheaper and more competitive rates can be obtained; At this airport, as the managers mentioned to us, the issue of the rate is much cheaper and it can help us, ”he declared.

Velarde Cárdenas pointed out that if this is achieved, in the short term it could balance prices from Sinaloa to Mexico City, a state that remains at the forefront in terms of passenger flow and mobility reported at both airports.

He explained that this would also be viable for the airlines, since “you generate a greater flow of visitors by air” and thus regulate the excessive prices that not only Mazatlán has, but also the city of Culiacán.

“I am sure that both the municipality of Culiacán and Mazatlán will bring great benefits, but, above all, they will be able to attend to regulate this issue of prices, which has been a matter of a factor that, rather than affecting, could benefit even more,” he said.

The undersecretary added that, in the case of airlines such as Aeroméxico, increase the size of the seats for routes to Mazatlán from Mexico City up to 50 percent more than they regularly had, hence the interest in seeking to reduce the rates.

So far, he added, there are 2 airlines interested in having the Sinaloa route to AIFA, which will be announced in the short term, and it is even contemplated to be this same 2023.

For the state official, the proposal of the mayor Édgar González Zatarain to change the date for the International Motorcycle Week could be viable and convert two vacation weeks to three, if it were moved to the long weekend of May 1 as proposed by the municipal authority.

“I think it could be a success, looking for three weeks that they benefit from the port, you have to do the test and the analysis and then we could already see what the decision-making thing is,” he commented.

Source: Punto.mx