White balance at Easter? These are some of the incidents that have been reported


It is expected that tomorrow the municipal and state authorities will share the results of the security operations of this holiday period

Culiacán, Sin.- This Sunday the holy days of this vacation period conclude in which thousands of Sinaloans went out to the beaches and recreation centers to rest and enjoy nature, however dozens of road accidents, confrontations and deaths have stained the tranquility.

Precisely to avoid incidents, the authorities of the three levels of government such as the Navy, the National Guard, the Army, the Ministry of Public Security, Civil Protection, the Fire Department, and the Mexican Red Cross implemented a security operation since last April, in order to prevent risk situations, provide timely care in case of emergencies and guarantee safe and peaceful vacations.

However, so far this holiday period there have been hundreds of road accidents that have left multiple injuries and deaths on site, armed groups have also trained with the authorities because of security operations and deaths of people related to the activity of these holidays, who have stained the climate of security and tranquility.

On Holy Thursday, a crash broke out between a motorcycle and a raizer-type all-terrain vehicle, on Las Glorias beach, Guasave, the driver of the motorcycle was a minor under 14 years of age named Javier, who due to injuries from the strong impact He is admitted to the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital in an induced coma.

Two young men aged 19 and 33 named Bladimir and Mauricio, respectively, lost their lives last Friday evening when they fell from a moving vehicle on the Portugués de Gálvez highway in Guasave.

At dawn on Saturday there was the death of a 48-year-old woman named Nancianeth, who fell from a moving vehicle that was circulating on Tiburón boulevard in Las Glorias, Guasave, five other people who were on board the vehicle were found with physical injuries.

In Mazatlán, a plane crashed into the Navigation Channel last Saturday, five people traveled on this plane, four adults who were injured and a child under two years of age who lost his life.

For carrying a firearm, a civilian was arrested last Saturday, April 8, on the beaches of Navolato by members of the State Preventive Police. The weapon and the vehicle in which he was traveling were also seized.

In Ahome, on the beaches of San Juan, a 19-year-old boy sustained bodily injuries from a knife after a fight. The young man named Bryan Omar was taken to a hospital in Los Mochis as an emergency.

This Sunday there was a road accident on Camarón Sábalo avenue in front of the Pueblo Bonito hotel in Mazatlán, the driver of the vehicle collided with other units that were found parked in the area and ended up overturning.

These are some of the incidents that have been reported so far this holiday period, it is expected that tomorrow the authorities will release the results of the security operations.

Source: EL Sol de Mazatlan