In the coming months the zip line and the Whale Museum will arrive in Mazatlán


The businessman Amado Guzmán believes that, with the new attractions, the city will be on another level to achieve a longer stay for tourists who arrive at different times of the year.

Mazatlan, Sin. – Mazatlán is more than a beautiful beach, and if we want to bring better tourism, of higher quality and to stay for more than 2 days, new attractions are required such as those that are under development, highlighted the businessman Amado Guzmán Reynaud, who announced that the zip line and the Whale Museum could be ready in 5 months.

He mentioned that, in the case of the zip line, it will travel 1.2 kilometers from El Faro with its 165 meters high to the Cerro del Vigía, and it will be a new attraction for tourists who will have new fun options with the new Aquarium, which the destination will take a very important step, considering that the expectation in tourism is very favorable.

He stressed that it will not only be a large rope that can be traveled over the sea, but that it will be a very safe activity, as already exists in other states of the country, such as in the Copper Canyon or Acapulco.

“In Mazatlán we need these types of attractions. There is one in the Copper Canyon; people are going to jump. There is another one in Acapulco, very pretty. We need to give tourism entertainment, without disturbing nature. A zip line has a contruction space of 70 square meters at most, which is the size of a small house. But the city needs that.

The businessman who promotes the zip line project said that some procedures are still being carried out, but simultaneously work continues with the Cerro del Vigía, next to the Observatory, where all the foundations have been made. and already has the cables.

He considered that thanks to the new attractions that are being added to the city, and the events that are going to take place, such as the convention of tourist cruises next November, Mazatlán is taking an important step, especially because by 2024, with the solar eclipse that is going to register, the arrival of thousands of people is expected, who will come to observe this natural phenomenon in this part of the country, and these tourists will have different options to extend their stay in the city.

“We are making an effort with El Observatorio, which has cost us a lot; comes the zip line, the whale museum. Next year with the 2024 eclipse, thousands of people will come to Mazatlán, and the house must be prepared for the party.”

Guzmán Reynaud considered that Mazatlán will be reaching another level in terms of tourism and it is what all economic sectors should promote.

Source: Linea Directa