Which beach destinations have the most vacation rental fraud? Here we tell you


The president of AMPI, Ismael Tirado Robles, recommended looking for certified professionals

Traditional beach destinations are in great demand and the supply of hotel rooms is exceeded, which is why many people resort to vacation rentals.

But, be very careful, or your vacation could turn into hell. Ismael Tirado Robles, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, always recommended approaching the association to verify that whoever is offering you a property has the necessary certification.

“Unfortunately, there are still many pirate platforms, within spaces like Facebook, the important thing is to detect those platforms that are not certified, go to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals to verify which real estate agents are verified,” he recommended.

Destinations with the highest number of frauds

Fortunately, Mazatlán is not among these destinations since the Riviera Maya and Riviera Nayarit are on that list.

“We are in glory, Mazatlán really does not have that serious problem yet, but we have to work so that this does not happen. I have had to see cases in Riviera Nayarita and Riviera Maya, above all, the regulation is not well founded”.

On Carnival, a date of great tourist influx, 6 cases of fraud in vacation rentals in the port were reported to AMPI and upon conducting an investigation it was found that they were false pages.

Facebook is not an option

Although the cases of fraud have been decreasing because citizens are already more alert, it is on social networks like Facebook, where criminals take the opportunity to commit this type of crime, warned Ismael Tirado Robles.

He urged those looking for vacation rentals to use certified platforms, especially to resort to professionals in the field and not to make advance payments without prior verification.

“Do not pay advances if you have not verified that the page is reliable. We have a list of all the agencies that are certified,” he said.

Source: Reaccion Informativa