How about a balloon ride? Culiacán will have its first festival in April


It will be in the newly named “Narnia”, in the Sanalona dam, on April 29 and 30, confirmed the mayor Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil

Culiacán could have its first Balloon Festival, in one of the most natural settings it has, we are talking about “Narnia”, in the La Sanalona dam, as confirmed by Mayor Juan de Dios Gámez Mendivil.

He mentioned that the festival would be free and held for younger ages, especially for children to celebrate their day, but it will undoubtedly be for the whole family, and they will even be able to get on hot air balloons.

“The Balloon Festival will be held in Culiacán, we are going to do it in ‘Narnia’, we want it to be for friends, for girlfriends, more youthful and for all ages, I will not limit it, but it will be a show,” he declared.

Gámez Mendívil pointed out that they chose this scenario for what it represents for the inhabitants, in addition, it is a scenario that reflects the nature of Culiacán with a mirror of water and a hilltop that will visually be something magical.

“Right now, we have been doing some studies there because of the climate issue and the scenario would be with the balloons and we will be able to get on, we want it to be a free event,” he said.

The festival is estimated to take place on April 29 and 30 in this area that they have recently named “Narnia” in the Imala Stately Town, a place that is 25 minutes from the Sinaloan capital and that has been a place of relaxation for their habitants.

The mayor of Culiacán added that the event will also have music for the entertainment of the attendees where they seek to generate experiences and that the regional tourism also sees that Culiacán is an option to get to know.