The National Civic Front in Mazatlán call for a protest against Plan B of the Electoral Reform in Mazatlan


The National Civic Front in Mazatlán calls for the defense of the INE next Sunday

Mazatlán, Sin.- The National Civic Front, in Mazatlán, calls the citizens to a concentration as a form of  protest against Plan B the Electoral Reform.

Emilio Goicochea, coordinator of the FCN in the Port, said that as citizens everyone has the duty to participate and defend the institutions that are in the Constitution and in the laws, and in the event that the authorities intend to modify them or make them to a convenience, they must go out to protest in the streets and “bring muscle” in front of the authorities.

“We have seen the attempts of the Presidency of the Republic in the Bank of Mexico, in the Supreme Court of Justice and in all the regulatory bodies that we have created, which are independent of the government, and which belong to that fourth power, which are in the hands of the citizenry. Today they are attacking these regulatory bodies and one of them is the INE,” he said.

For her part, the former PRI deputy, Paola Garate, said that in this attack against the INE, the first attempt was to “kill” the institute constitutionally, but that thanks to the organization and citizen participation that was achieved in the march on November 13, legislators from both the Va X México alliance and others who joined, rejected the reform.

“This Plan B seeks to tear apart the National Electoral Institute, that is what we want to avoid. It is in the hands of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and this citizen call is for the magistrates to do their job, to issue their ruling in strict adherence to our Constitution,” he said.

He added that this institution is not only a few councilors, as they have wanted to show, but that the INE is all of them, by cutting the budget and the electoral service personnel they are going to ” dismember” completely leaving a shell and establish a dictatorship.

“Basically, it is to return to the era when the government organized, counted and said who won the elections and we are not going to allow it,” she added.

The concentration is next Sunday, February 26 at 10 in the morning in the República square.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan