Rates rise at toll booths in Sinaloa


MAZATLAN. – A new blow to the pocket of Mexicans, now in toll roads, which increased more than 40 percent, at least, in those of Sinaloa.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the Costa Rica toll booth maintained a rate of 168 pesos, for this week the rate was increased to 236 pesos, that is, it increased 68 pesos, causing annoyance among those who circulate recurrently on the roads.

“It is an abuse of the federal government, it is useless that the gasoline doesn’t go up, or that the dollar stays stable, the increase in the minimum wage is pulverized, and here in the north of Sinaloa worse because the free highway the Quelite bridge is still broken,” denounced a highway user.

A recurring complaint from drivers is the bad conditions of the roads, especially those of the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, due to the sections that are under repair or due to potholes.

An alternative for those who use this highway constantly is the free highway, however, works on the El Quelite bridge continue and passage through that area is not yet available, forcing them to travel on the toll highway.

In this new rate, motorcycles go from paying 84 pesos to 117 pesos; Regarding buses, the current rate is 377 pesos, the increase with them was greater, since it represents almost an increase of 109 pesos.

If you thought that the increase was only made in a single booth, you are wrong, in the Marmol toll booth the rates were also increased, motorcycles went for 72 pesos to 104 pesos, that is, an increase of 32 pesos.

In the case of cars, the rate increased to 204 pesos, from the 146 pesos that were handled a couple of weeks ago, that is a difference of 58 pesos; while the buses will have a rate of 353 pesos, from 251 pesos that was handled previously, registering an increase of 102 pesos.

So far, the authorities responsible have not reported the increase in rates, either in an official statement or on their social networks.

Source: Punto.mx