What occupies Mazatlán to compete for tourism like Cancun


The Ordinary National Assembly of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels is inaugurated here, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its foundation

MAZATLÁN.- The challenges that Mazatlán has to compete with Cancun for tourism are many, beginning with the high fares of its flights and its lack of connectivity, said the national president of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, Juan José Fernández Carrillo.   

He mentioned that, at the national level, the “Pearl of the Pacific” is among the most visited destinations in the country and the advice he gave for the hotel industry in Mazatlán, was always to seek to be excellent in its service, from the whites to an internet of quality, whether it is a hostel, even a boutique or five-star hotel.   

“Yes, I have to admit that flying to Mazatlán is expensive, I believe that an effort must be made between the sectors to negotiate and, more than anything, request the federal government to support the tickets to have fair costs, an expensive destination it receives less tourism,” he declared.  

The national president of the AMHM added that, in general, flying to the interior of Mexico is expensive and compared to other countries it is much cheaper, due to high fuel prices, Airport Use Fees, jet fuel costs, among other things.  

Fernández Carrillo pointed out that only Quintana Roo, of the tourist destinations, is the one that concentrates approximately 47 percent of the currencies, therefore, it is the one that contributes the most to the Gross Domestic Product tourism and is the one that concentrates the largest number of rooms of hotel.  

However, he said, Mazatlán has been climbing, improving and managed to rise in the ranking of the most visited destinations, due to its new hotels, its remodeled boardwalk and other attractions that make it traditional within these beach destinations.  

Quality in hotels, your main advice 

For Juan José Fernández Carrillo, the hotel industry is the backbone of tourism, if hotels, whether they have 20 rooms or 300, do not have quality services, they cannot compete with other destinations.  

“The most important thing in the hotel industry is always to be up-to-date and at the forefront, it does not matter if a hotel has 20 rooms or 300, the important thing is to have the services, there are many high-class hotels and in each one of the measure of the style it must be the most careful to offer services, and no guest wants to be in a hotel without internet”, he said. 

It’s the smallest details that matter, he said, from the cutlery, the whites, to the smell of a bathroom or a room.  

The Ordinary Assembly of the AMHM is inaugurated 

The Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels met in Mazatlán to start its Ordinary Assembly, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the association, in which dozens of hoteliers from all over the country gathered.  

The assembly began on November 30 and will end on December 2, with a series of activities for the members that range from tours of the rural area, the attractions of Mazatlán, to the exchange of strategies aimed at tourism.  

In addition, personalities from the tourism sector in Mazatlan who have worked to continue promoting its development will be recognized and the board of directors will be changed for the following two years.