Mazatlan tourist police disbanded


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As of this Saturday, the figure of the Tourist Police in Mazatlán will disappear and the elements attached to this area will return to their work as elements of the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Transit, respectively, reported Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.

The mayor of Mazatlán specified that the elimination of this area is with the objective of being able to increase the coverage of attention, as well as delimit functions, eliminate vices and power reserves that were created between the same elements and therefore, be able to provide a better attention when events occur where the presence of security forces is required.

“What has to do with, yes, effectively the Tourist Police is eliminated, because finally we are going to attend to it in a different way, there is a program brought by the Secretary of Public Security, who also understands this very well and we are going to reform that part ”.

-Is it a strategy?

“Yes, it is a strategy, it is part of the strategies”.

-Are they going to have the blue uniform back?

“Exactly that’s it. Because then it was identified that in that area (the tourist strip), no one could act more than those who wore the uniform of that color and well, not today. Today, everyone has their own sector and they are going to work in a coordinated manner ”.

“Are you going to get into it then?”

“Exactly, completely full,” explained the mayor.

On July 19, 2013, when the former mayor, Carlos Angulo Márquez, together with the former governor, Mario López Valdez, put into operation the bilingual tourist police, whose sole purpose was to provide greater security and guidance to tourists, both nationals, as well as foreigners visiting the port.

Unfortunately, in recent months, citizens and even tourists have denounced having been victims of extortion and even accepted having given some type of bribe to elements attached to the transit division within the Tourist Police, a situation that was brought to light by the same mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, while he was acting as secretary of the City Council, a reason that could be the reason behind the disappearance of this area and its reorganization in operation.