What happened to the Mazatlan Riviera?


This project was presented by former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres at the 2020 International Tourism Fair and this is what we know

MAZATLAN. – Do you remember the Riviera Mazatlán project? Mayor Édgar Augusto Zataráin pointed out that there was never a well-defined project to execute said proposal, since everything remained in ideas, but there was never really an interest in making it a reality.  

He mentioned that the only thing that was done were some renderings for his presentation that showed what was wanted, but that was the only thing that the municipal authorities worked on. 

“I came to the Secretariat, we reviewed that issue to follow up on whether there was support, if there were procedures, but nothing was ever done, there is nothing, it only remained an idea and it was never worked on.” 

Let us remember that this project was presented by the former municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres at the International Tourism Fair, (FITUR 2020) said project contemplated integrating the municipalities of southern Sinaloa, Elota, San Ignacio, Mazatlán, Concordia, Rosario and Escuinapa to consolidate tourism in this area of ​​the state. 

In fact, on September 15, 2021, Benítez Torres announced which organizations, business associations and Tour Operators signed a collaboration agreement to promote this tourist destination. 

It’s a good project, but… 

González Zataráin explained that creating the Mazatlán Riviera so that it can compete directly with the Mayan Riviera, which was the main objective of the project, is an excellent idea, but to go from the mind to reality there is a whole process, a process that is not easy and above all it is expensive. 

Reason why, when asked if he would take the reins of the project, he said no, because at the moment it is more important to consolidate Mazatlán in the urban and rural areas. He explained that there are areas that are still in a state of decline and it would be very illogical to invest in other projects and not in what really matters. 

“There are priorities, you cannot jump from project to project. We have said it, there is a lack of roads, security, transit, urban image and it would be good to focus on that ”, he concluded.