What is the Mazatlan Lighthouse zip line project about? this is what we know


This would be at a height of 200 meters above the sea

MAZATLAN. – Keep going! The mayor of Mazatlán, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin commented that the zip line project that will go from Cerro del Crestón to the 1873 Observatory is still on and has even kept in touch with the businessman who brings the project, Amado Guzmán Reynaud.

Let us remember that in August Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, director of the Port System Administration in Mazatlán, announced that its construction would begin.

The municipal president indicated that in one of his conversations with the Mazatlan businessman Amado Guzmán Reynaud, he informed him that the project is going from strength to strength and that they are about to start work.

“I spoke with the businessman who brings it and he says that the studies are already very advanced and that they are about to start the work.”

He pointed out that although it is private investment, it is an issue that he fully supports, unlike the Plaza de la Banda project, which contemplated an investment of 400 million pesos for its construction.

“Those are the projects, the private investments that we should support and applaud those who care about Mazatlán. I already mentioned that the Plaza de la Banda project was not going well with that money, what could we not do for the good of the citizenry?

This new tourist attraction will be added to the list of what you can do in Mazatlan and could be ready for next year.

It will be a zip line about 1.5 kilometers long, with a height of almost 200 meters above the sea.

Source: punto.mx

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