‘Be careful’ with the clinic you are going to, 9 have been suspended in Mazatlán 


The Coepriss pointed out that these clinics did not have the health or safety measures.

MAZATLAN. – The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks suspended at least 9 clinics in Mazatlán due to safety and health risks, especially for not having documents for its operation.  

Randy Ross Álvarez, head of Coepriss in Sinaloa, reported that, of the 15 establishments scheduled for this activity, 11 have been reviewed so far, of which security measures have been applied in eight. 

“They consist of suspensions of operating rooms, Sterilization and Packaging centers and in the administrative area… they do not have the legal documentation for their operation, including sanitary licenses, subrogated service contracts and sanitary construction permits,” he declared.  

Ross Álvarez pointed out that so far they have approximately 70 percent progress in this operation that, in addition to Mazatlán, will extend throughout the south of Sinaloa.  

The suspension sections in hospitals and clinics were: 

• 4 operating rooms in the same number of hospitals (total suspension) 

• 4 Sterilization and Packaging centers in the same number of hospitals (partial suspension) 

• 1 operating room (partial suspension) 

• 1 hospital administrative area (partial suspension due to lack of updated license and failure to present subrogated service contracts) 

Expired medicines 

In addition to these suspensions, Coepriss seized more than 400 boxes of various medications with expired expiration dates, or in inadequate storage and handling conditions.  

Of these, the analgesic known as Bupivacaine stood out, of which 17 packages were immobilized in a hospital in the south of the state.  

It is not the first time that clinics and hospitals in Mazatlán have been suspended, let us remember that, in the middle of this year, after an accident that caused the death of a person in an aesthetic clinic, a surveillance operation began, which also caused the suspension from other clinics.  

Source: punto.mx

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