Revolutionary holiday events throughout Sinaloa


Cultural, artistic, sports events and exhibitions, each municipality is showing off to give you variety and you visit them during the revolutionary long weekend.

MAZATLÁN.- Is this revolutionary holiday without a plan? Then take the opportunity to tour the state, in several municipalities they will have musical, cultural and sports activities, do you dare?  

The general director of the Trust for the Promotion of Tourism in Sinaloa, Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, mentioned that the state maintains its traditional festivities and this weekend they will be held in cities, Magical and Stately Towns. 


From November 17 to December 4, the Sinaloa 2022 Livestock Fair will take place, which in its palenque will have artists such as Los Nuevos Rebeldes, Roberto Tapia, Pancho Barraza, Jesús Ojeda, Enigma Norteño, El Coyote y su Banda and Luis R Conriquez. 


For lovers of adrenaline, from November 18 to 20 the seventh edition of the Cain Road Race arrives in the municipality of Concordia, a race that not only brings together local people, but national and international people and that has become a tradition in the zone.  

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El Fuerte 

This Friday, the Magical Town will offer Mexican horror movies at the Del Valle del Fuerte Regional Museum. It will be from 7:00 p.m. If you are a horror lover you cannot miss it. 

In addition, from November 14 to 20, the Traditional Fair will be held, there will be a queen election and a contest for singing fans. 


Choix does exist and proof of this is the series of activities that they will have at La Gran Feria from November 18 to 20, which promises to leave everyone speechless and break this Sinaloan “cure” that this municipality is not on the map. .  


Also in the center-north, specifically in Surutato, from November 19 to 21 comes the Surutato 2022 Route, which will offer parties, live music and a 100 percent family atmosphere. 

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Do you like fishing? In Celestina Gasca they will hold the Shore Fishing Tournament in Elota. It will be next November 20, it will have a registration cost of 250 pesos to win in three places, the first will be 10,000 pesos, the second 6,000 pesos and the third 3,000 pesos.  


Another of the Magical Towns of Sinaloa, it is not far behind and will set the atmosphere with Plaza Fridays where you will enjoy music, children’s entertainment and women’s volleyball games. 


Since you are very much from Pueblos Mágicos, visit Cosalá, they hold the Candlelight Night Event as every Saturday from 7:00 p.m., starting from Callejón Luís Pérez Meza.  

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San Ignacio 

In Coyotitán, the next November 21 and 22 will celebrate the Musician’s Day Festival. The town will be wearing long tablecloths celebrating the patron saint of musicians, Santa Cecilia. 

You already have the events at hand, now it’s up to you to choose which destination in Sinaloa you are going to travel to and see on these holidays, corresponding to the revolutionary bridge. 

The Mazatlan Post