Video: Everything is ready for the most anticipated party in northwestern Mexico: Expo Ganadera 2022


The venue will feature the Palenque, Teatro del Pueblo, mechanical games and the essence of the exhibition with the exhibition of cattle, cattle, bovine-goats and pigs.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- It is one of the most anticipated events in the northwest of the country and after two years of suspension due to the pandemic, everything is ready for the great party ” Expo Ganadera 2022 “ in Culiacán, with the challenge of receiving 500 thousand people from November 17 to December 4, in a venue where you can enjoy various activities for the whole family.

The president of the Regional Livestock Union of Sinaloa (UGRS), Regulo Terrazas Romero, said that this year they are going with everything to revive a celebration that the livestock sector is happy to have and to which, prior to the inauguration, a preview is given with the parade tradition, which will take place on November 13, starting from the Botanical Garden, towards the facilities of the Livestock Fair.

He indicated that the venue will feature the Palenque, the People’s Theater, rides, and the essence of the traditional exhibition: the cattle, bovine, bovine-goat, and pig display. In addition to the farm, the link with children for being the future of livestock in Sinaloa and Mexico.

In this edition, more than 150 exhibitors from Sinaloa, and Mexico, and even from other countries such as Spain, Hungary, and the African continent will participate.

The cost of admission to the Livestock Expo will be 60 pesos, a minimal increase compared to its last edition, which was 55 pesos.

“Inviting you and the entire international community and the entire community of Sinaloa and Mexico, to join us in this great party that we are about to inaugurate with the presence of our Governor,” he said.

About the parade on November 13, it was announced that the participation of more than two thousand riders is expected. On December 1, within the framework of Livestock Farmer’s Day, an auction and a party will be held in recognition of the more than 60,000 livestock farmers who are members of the Sinaloa Regional Livestock Union.

Letters of support for the improvement of genetics will be delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and associations. Governor Rubén Rocha Moya and Jaime Montes Salas will be present at this event.

In the town theater, attendees can enjoy 54 artistic presentations, with musical groups and events for children. While in the palenque, 28 artists will be presented, such as Julión Álvarez, Roberto Tapia, Carlos Rivera, Marisela, Ramón Ayala, and more.

Artists who will be at the Sinaloa Livestock Expo 2022

Here is the schedule:

Thursday, November 17:

  • The Joyful of the Sierra
  • Blue Guideline
  • the maximum band
  • North Environment

Friday November 18:

  • small musical
  • Organization Z
  • The miters
  • ariel and ariel

Saturday November 19:

  • paola
  • The Selective Band
  • The Shels
  • accomplices of Nuevo Leon

Sunday November 20:

  • The Untouchables of the North
  • The Red Car Gang
  • Bryseida- The Revenge
  • those of the puddle
  • Paw Patrol Tribute

Thursday November 24:

  • Fco. El Gallo Elizalde
  • The Dynamics of the North
  • Gold Cross Band
  • The Kura and Love

Friday November 25:

  • Sergio Mendivil
  • Bruno de Jesus-The Grilla
  • Gabriel Romero
  • The Forty Group

Saturday November 26:

  • Vega Brothers J.R.
  • the commoners
  • The Linares Cadets
  • Another Level – Unlimited Group

Sunday November 27:

  • Sacred Land Band
  • Caroline Ross
  • The Triguera Band
  • The Tenth Band
  • Tribute La Granja de Zenón

Thursday December 1:

  • My Band The Mexican
  • The only one on the ranch
  • Zarape Band
  • Supreme Mastery
  • The White Land Band

Friday December 2:

  • Saul the Jaguar
  • The Sonorous Dynamite
  • The Tropicana Sonora
  • Melon Melon Band
  • Nacho Millan Orchestra

Saturday December 3:

  • Raul Hernandez
  • Renewal Band
  • The Original of the Sierra and the Goldfinch
  • Cathedral Group – El Puerto Band
  • Abraham Hernandez

Sunday December 4:

  • German Montero
  • Seventh Band
  • Old Ranch Band
  • Tropical Apache
  • Northern Decree
  • Tribute Bely and Beto

In terms of security and with the aim of concluding the livestock expo with a white balance, there will be security elements from the three levels of government, in coordination with Civil Protection, firefighters, the Red Cross and private security.

Regarding the security operation, the Undersecretary of State Security, Carlos Leyva, reported that there will be 220 daily officers from the State and municipal Police; 120 elements of the elite group; motorized units will be moving inside. The entry of firearms or sharp weapons will not be allowed.

In addition to a C2 truck with cameras connected to the Sinaloa State Control, Command, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Center ( C4 ); an internal network of each event that may happen, there will be facial recognition cameras; cameras inside and outside the palenque.

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