With a tour of terror and an exhibition of skulls, the Day of the Dead celebrations begin in Mazatlan


Relive the legends of La Llorona and the cart of death.

MAZATLAN. – Oh, how scary! In Mazatlán, the Day of the Dead celebrations have already begun and they did so with a horror tour and an exhibition of skulls. do you want to know what is it about? Below we explain.

Screams, scares and terror, is what the interactive tour ‘Tales, Legends and Stories of Mexico’ has prepared for you, well, as long as you are brave enough to enter the bowels of an unrecognizable and abandoned Casa Haas.

During the tour, a catrín will serve as your guide and will explain each of the stations, which by the way correspond to true legends and scary stories that we have in Mexico and that we have been told since we were little.

La llorona, the cart of death, the island of the dolls and scenes that will really make your hair stand on end, is what you will enjoy if you decide to live this experience.

To enter is very simple, you just have to buy a ticket, its cost is 50.00 pesos; Keep in mind that this tour will be available from today until November 2 with a schedule from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Another thing that was inaugurated for the Day of the Dead was an exhibition of skulls on the esplanade of Callejón Liverpool. Here local artists students of the Municipal Center of Arts participated in the creation of skulls with decoration of their taste and preference.

In the exhibition, you can see skulls with themes of wrestling, lottery, ocean and even monarch butterfly.

Like the tour, this exhibition will be available until November 2.

Source: punto.mx

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