Video: Chachalacas Channel, Oblivion and Social Contempt in Mazatlan


Black water and health problems

Oblivion, marginalization, and contempt for social problems are a channel of sewage and rainwater that has been for many years almost in the center of the city of Mazatlan, but governments come and go and none remedy it. It is the Chachalacas channel that reaches the Estero and from there to the great navigation channel.

The past and this administration, of the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, have promised to pipe it and make linear parks on the riverbanks, but none of that has been achieved and the black, stinking, rotten, stagnant waters because some invasions have invaded this stream that seeks the exit to the sea.

Martín Castillo, a merchant, talks about this source of contamination and public health problem and says that with the rains the problem increases because the sewage overflows and goes to neighboring houses in the Estero and Insurgentes neighborhoods. Dengue is another of the evils that worry year after year, especially in children.

“We want this government to come up with a solution to the problem and if they can’t cover it up, at least keep the canal clean and build a nice park in the future.” Martín Castillo said that they feel forgotten and abandoned in their neighborhoods.

Other voices that demanded help and support were Ampelio Guerra, who accused that meters below the channel that emerges from the Mexican Army Avenue, the invasions have covered the free channel and the problem is exacerbated by the stagnant dirty water. He claims that irresponsible people litter and also serve as a plug.

María Guadalupe Castillo also spoke about the garbage and the invasions that cover the watercourse. María de los Ángeles Ontiveros agreed on the garbage and that no government does anything;  she pointed out.