What happened to the rental bicycles that were on the Malecón?


The Secretary of Well-being and Sustainable Development, María Inés Pérez Corral, reported that they are planning a project that includes more bike lanes for all of Sinaloa, especially Culiacán, Mazatlán, and Los Mochis.

MAZATLAN. – Do you remember the bicycles that were on the Malecón, those that you rented to move easily or simply use them recreationally? The Ministry of Well-being and Sustainable Development explained why they are no longer there and if there is a chance that they will return.  

Secretary María Inés Pérez Corral mentioned that the program ended, and that, during the pandemic, the company that manufactured them went bankrupt, donating some of the bicycles that are currently in the SEBIDES offices, and analyzing whether they can return.  

“Some of the bicycles are with us because apparently the company went bankrupt and the person donated the bicycles, some are there, we have few, not many. Let’s see if it’s feasible. We are going to analyze what program can be inserted or maybe the bicycles will return, ”he declared.  

The program was called “Muévete chilo”, it was implemented in 2019 and had an investment of over 5 million pesos, which consisted of a hybrid model system with 350 bicycles without anchorage and 50 stations established for their collection and return in a polygon of 5 square kilometers, operated at that time by the company VBike.  

So what will Sebides do? 

Pérez Corral pointed out that they will meet with the municipalities where the program was implemented, they will analyze its functionality, its benefits, its results and whether or not it has the potential to continue, and although he did not assure that he would return, they will look for a way to resume it later.  

“The program ended in its time, we want to see what new program we activate… we will meet with the municipal authorities to help us to see what they think, if it was not viable, because it stalled, we plan to activate it there as well,” he said.  

More cycle paths are coming 

He said that more bike lanes are coming to Sinaloa, especially in Culiacán, Mazatlán, and Los Mochis, cities where the largest number of road accidents have been recorded.  

“We want more where it is needed, the problem in the state is strong, we were in first place in deaths due to road accidents, we want this situation to go down, planning is already underway for the entire state,” he commented.  

It is currently in the process of planning the project, they will be supported by the City Councils to complement the project and launch it.  

Source: punto.mx

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