Downtown area presents blackouts during the rains in Mazatlan


Despite being beneficial for many, the rains can sometimes bring negative consequences

Mazatlan. – As rains continue to occur in Mazatlán, different areas of the city center have been affected by blackouts or electrical failures that have occurred during the days that it has rained, according to reports from residents of the neighborhood.

The faults range from slight problems in the current, to blackouts that leave entire blocks without electricity for hours, and even when it returns, the voltage rises, which becomes dangerous for devices that are connected to the current.

Neighbors in the area report that even small explosions can be heard from the transformers when water falls on them, this being the main reason for power failures and blackouts that occur for several minutes and hours.

At the moment the reason for these electrical failures is unknown or if something is being done about it by the Federal Electricity Commission, since it is the only neighborhood where it has happened continuously.

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