Mazatlán Penguinarium One of the Largest and Most Complete in Mexico, Says Pablo Rojas


*One million 200 thousand visitors

*Inaugurate exhibition area

Pablo Rojas, director of the Mazatlán Aquarium, organized a tour for officials of the municipal government of Mazatlán and the media through the Pinguinario to publicize the new acquisitions of four Gentoo penguins and whose names are: “Lilo”, “Emi”, ” Luca” and “Nunu”, and whose ages are on average nine months and their natural habitat is Antarctica.

During the tour, Rojas reported on the different areas of the penguin colony to officials such as the secretary of the City Council, Edgar Augusto González Zataraín, who was accompanied by different area directors, as well as councilors from the Municipal Council.

He said that in the year and a half that the Penguinarium has been operating, around one million 200 thousand people have been received and that these facilities will be the largest in all of Mexico and “the most complete, because few aquariums have a variety of penguin species.”

Even Pablo Rojas, with the testimony of quality from the secretary of the City Council, went through the curtains that inaugurated the “Provisional Exhibition” room of the penguins.

With the exhibition of this species (Gentoo), Mazatlan Aquarium becomes the only Conservation Center in Mexico, with the presence of two species of penguins in different habitats, one subtropical and the other Antarctic.


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