The history and legend of the ‘Mirador del Corazón’ in Mazatlan


This emblematic Mirador del Corazón was born with the construction of the Paseo del Centenario, but it did not always have that shape.

MAZATLAN.- As we well know, in Mazatlan we can find many emblematic and iconic places that are visited by hundreds of tourists and locals, however, today we will talk about one in particular, which in recent days has been a topic of conversation due to its recent remodeling Yes, we are referring to the Glorieta del Corazón, also known as the Mirador del Corazón.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about this famous place due to the remodeling work that has not been to the liking of many Mazatlecos, so today we will focus on telling its story.

Its origins begin with the construction of the Paseo del Centenario, which was built in 1910 in commemoration of the first 100 years of the independence of Mexico, thanks to the president of the Mazatlán Improvement Council Jorge G. Claussen, who was in charge of the management, design, layout, and construction of various works that still exist in the port, such as Paseo Claussen.

Although there is no exact precision, it is said that it was built at the time when important works were carried out in the port (between 1945 and 1951) such as the breakwater and breakwater, or when Alemán Avenue was opened and the street was widened and They fixed the sidewalks of the Paseo del Centenario.

When we say that it was built, it is important to clarify that we mean that it did not look exactly as we know it, but that at first it was simply a small esplanade on a 20-meter cliff, with the passage of time details were added.

For example, in 2004 during the administration of interim mayor Ricardo Ramirez González, it was decided to completely remodel it and make it the shape of a heart, that’s right, the famous roundabout of the heart did not have that shape since its inception.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

The legend

From that moment, the Heart of Mazatlan became the protagonist of various legends that have gained strength over the years.

One of them assures that those who kiss each other in this place during sunset will keep their love forever.

The same belief applies with friends, although the kiss is not necessary, only their presence, for their friendship to last forever. Have you already tried it?

The remodeling

As we mentioned before, this emblematic place has been the center of attention due to the recent remodeling works, which caused a division of opinions among the citizens.

Which are?

Said remodeling will include the rehabilitation of stairs, painting and new, state-of-the-art infrastructure and public lighting.

It will include the total change of lights to give the area a better appearance, as well as musicalization of the statue of José Alfredo Jiménez; there you will be able to listen to the most popular songs of the composer.

In addition, a giant figure of a serape will be placed in the area, which will represent the Mexican culture, as well as an area of ​​tables and chairs for the gathering of families.

Although it is not official, it is said that there will also be a glass lookout.


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