Heroic act cost him his life! He drowned in the Mocorito river when he went to save some children


Another adult who tried to remove him was saved from suffering the same fate, but was taken to a hospital.

Mocorito, Sin.- A man drowned this Sunday afternoon in the Mocorito River, where he entered to save some children who had fallen into a well, and a second man who tried to get him out was taken to a hospital.

The deceased was identified as Julian “P”, 46, a resident of the El Valle syndicate.

It was said that some children who were walking through the water mirror reached the height of the pond from which the water treatment plant was supplied and there they fell into a well.

The deceased and another man, seeing the children in distress, went in to get them out, but the first man drowned.

The other man who entered the water was said to have tried to save the deceased, but was unsuccessful and required transfer to a hospital.

Rescue bodies came to the scene to remove the body and personnel from the Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa to attest to the facts.

The body was transferred to a funeral company to wait for it to be claimed by its relatives.