Tourist from Michoacán is rescued from the sea in Mazatlan


The Aquatic Squad calls bathers to respect the indications in the beach area.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Elements of the Mazatlan aquatic police managed to save a bather from Michoacán who was being dragged by a sea current.

The events occurred this Friday afternoon in the Sábalo 2 beach area.

The swimmer was unconscious, but fortunately, with the timely intervention of the aquatic police and the support of a lifeguard from a hotel in the area, they managed to revive him.

Commander Gustavo Espinoza assured that when they observed the situation, they requested active support to be able to rescue the tourist .

“Fortunately, we caught on to this in time and managed to get him out of the water, he was unconscious when we pulled him out, we had to keep him afloat and we had to tow him, “ he said.

He also commented that a boat that provides its service on the beach joined in order to facilitate the rescue and it is thanks to this that the CPR maneuver was carried out in time. That was how the swimmer managed to recover his pulse.

The rescued person was a 24-year-old tourist from Michoacán, who was taken to a hospital for further examination.

another rescue

On the other hand, a 23-year -old woman, originally from the port of Mazatlan, was also helped out of the sea in the same area.

She only showed symptoms of tiredness, as she persisted so as not to be swept away by the current.

The Aquatic Rescue Squad calls on bathers to respect the beach regulations and follow the recommendations made by the lifeguards.

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