Bringing the U.S. Consulate back to Mazatlan would be beneficial for tourism


The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association announced that the winter season is good for the port.

Mazatlán, Sin.- After the benefits that having the Consulate in Mazatlán brought to the port in the 1980s, especially on weekends due to the hotel occupancy it generated, the possibility of returning it should be considered, assured the president of the Three Islands Hotel Association.

“It would be very beneficial for the city if the American Consulate is installed again in Mazatlan, as in the eighties, which meant more room-nights every weekend,” said José Ramón Manguart Sánchez.

“We already had it here a few years ago and that undoubtedly helps Mazatlan a lot, the economy is reactivated, since there are many people who come daily for visas. This is one of the projects that the authorities should consider to increase the tourism that up to town.”

Manguart Sánchez commented that the winter season is coming very well for the port and that some state and municipal tourism projects are currently being seen to benefit it.

Although foreigners represent 2 percent of tourism in the destination, since 98 percent is national, there must always be an offer that is attractive to them.

And the aquarium?

Manguart Sánchez pointed out that he has no information on when the new Mazatlan Aquarium will open to the general public, which will be another of the city’s great attractions, but that the date of its opening has not been defined.

“I believe that we all want the Aquarium to become a benchmark, a tourist asset that generates added value for the destination, and we all want it to be a project that materializes and that it is something that adds to the destination, and that at the time could mean one more night of stay in the city”.

The Mazatlan Post