Do you love Oysters? then save this date to attend the Oyster Fair in Celestino Gasca


Pavel Cruz, director of Tourism in Elota, stated that the spill that the fair leaves for the region is 5 to 10 million pesos, both for hoteliers, restaurant owners and oyster owners.

MAZATLAN. – The Oyster Fair will return stronger than ever, as expressed by the director of Tourism, Pavel Cruz, who estimates that it will take place on the first weekend of February 2023 and leave a spill of close to 10 million pesos.

This fair is held in Celestino Gasca, a beach that is just over 30 minutes from Mazatlan, and that has become famous precisely for the oyster, achieving that, on the day of the fair, around 25,000 people visit it.

“We have not done it for two years due to the pandemic, this year we were looking to do it, but the Covid-19 did not let us, so we wait for the following year. The investment generates the municipality, but it does generate an economic benefit of 5 to 10 million pesos for the region. We have visitors from 8 to 10 thousand per day”, he stated.

What will be in the next edition?

The director of Tourism of Elota said that the party is coming big and that, in addition to the gastronomic area with the oyster farmers, an organization between restaurateurs and hoteliers is coming, where there will be music, a vehicle exhibition, and more.

“We are going to work with the ejido, with the hoteliers, with the restaurateurs, we are going to work with an association of motorcycles, old vehicles, exhibition bowls, the idea is to grow the space, have the food area, have a exhibition and a stage to bring level shows”, he said.

It was in 2017 that the Oyster fair was held in its first edition, where around 31 partners who are dedicated to the extraction of the mollusk participated, exploiting it from September to May.

At this fair, you can taste up to a dozen oysters for 100 pesos, in addition to dishes made from oysters.

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