Don’t let the rains catch you off guard this Sunday and Monday


The National Weather Service monitors an area with a probability of cyclone development in 5 days; rains are forecast.

MAZATLAN.- The probability of rainfall for this Saturday in Mazatlan is 25 percent, but for tomorrow, Sunday and next Monday, the probability of rain will increase to 72 percent.  

According to Hugo Nordahl, in charge of the Mazatlán Meteorological Service, the rains that would occur (if they are recorded), would be isolated and light precipitations of 0.5 and 1.5 millimeters. Which means it could rain in certain areas.  

Meanwhile, the cloud cover will be 71% during the day and 71% during the night. 

Regarding the temperature, a maximum of 33 degrees and a minimum of 26 degrees Celsius is expected. 

Is there bad weather or why is there a chance of rain? The rains that could be recorded in the port are linked to an Anticlonic System and Low-Pressure Channels.  

Let us remember that an ancyclonic system is the descent of an air mass because it is colder than the surroundings. It occurs when the air descends due to cooling, the atmospheric pressure increases, and the temperature loss is greater in the lower layers than in the upper ones, causing a thermal inversion.  

While the low-pressure system is an area where the pressure is lower than the surroundings and the winds rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, entering the center of the system, characterized by causing unstable weather associated with mostly cloudy skies. 

Surveillance area 

To the south of Oaxaca there is an area of ​​instability with cyclonic potential for the next 5 days, for the moment it is moving slowly through eastern Mexico, but it does not represent a danger, only minimal rains have been registered in Oaxaca and Chiapas.  

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