Mazatlan Central Park will also have a species exhibition area


The Regional Zoo of the old Forest of the City, today Central Park, housed more than 50 species.

MAZATLAN. – He’s back! Everything seems to indicate that the Mazatlán Regional Zoo, which was located in the City Forest, now Mazatlán Central Park, will return stronger than ever and with new species… although it may change its name.

Inside Parque Central Mazatlán you can see a series of cage-type construction works and exhibition areas for reptiles, in fact, in the area there are already some species such as a peacock, frogs, and iguanas. A path with bamboo plantations was also observed.

Photo: Point MX

On a tour of the area, and according to workers, it was said that the work takes approximately three months.

Works were also observed in the parking area, attached to Leonismo Internacional avenue.

Unofficially it is said that this new space for flora and fauna could be ready in the coming weeks, becoming a new attraction within the building and of course, it will unlock memories for those who still miss it.

You do not remember? Surely you visited the famous Forest of the City, where you enjoyed a walk in the open air among nature, but there was also a plus, you could also enjoy a small zoo that was located between access 1 and 2.

There were few species there among which you could find wild boars, macaws, a female jaguar named Mika, coyotes, and 3 deer.

Photo: Northwest Newspaper

The old zoo was created in 2007, it was for a long time the first Regional Zoo in the Country, but it disappeared in October 2015 and some of its species were relocated to the Culiacán Zoo, as a result of the lack of care for the species.

In 2007, the female jaguar Mika was donated by a neighbor of the Telcoyonqui, this town is located in the mountains of the municipality of Mazatlán.

In 2016, Mika was transferred to the Wamerú Park Zoo, located in Querétaro.

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