Las Cañas River, under constant monitoring of Escuinapa Civil Protection


The coordinator of this organization, Román Toledo Bustamante, goes through the body of water to verify that after the intense rains that occurred today tomorrow, the body of water lowers its level.

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- Due to the heavy rains that occurred this Tuesday morning in the municipality, the Civil Protection Coordination maintains constant monitoring of the Las Cañas River, although it does not currently represent a risk to the population.

The head of this rescue and aid organization, Román Toledo Bustamante, commented that he made a tour of the place to verify the level of this body of water.

He explained that the water had already dropped approximately four meters from the maximum level it took, but it was constantly being monitored by elements of the Municipal Police, who are at the base of La Concha.

“We are already in coordination with the National Guard, with Sedena (National Defense Secretariat), in case support is required, move it immediately,” he said.

At the moment, he added, there is no risk of the river overflowing, and this is due to the desilting work carried out by the Governor’s team, Rubén Rocha Moya, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Blanca Estela García Sánchez.

However, there is instability in the climate in the Pacific area, which, between September 1 and 2, could become a low-pressure area and later it could be known if it becomes a storm or hurricane.

For his part, Hugo Herrera Sillas, a resident of the community of La Loma, explained that the desilting of the river has been of great benefit since if it had not been carried out, there is a possibility that these recent rains would have caused damage. .

The Mazatlan Post