Olas Altas Mazatlán will have a new 10-level residencial tower


The land where the Puerto Viejo restaurant was located, in Olas Altas Mazatlán, will be occupied by a condominium tower.

MAZATLAN. – Do you remember the Puerto Viejo Restaurant? Yes, the one that was on Olas Altas where you could enjoy some delicious seafood while watching a beautiful sunset, well, we are sorry to tell you that it no longer exists, today it was demolished.

According to Jorge Estavillo Kelly, director of Urban Planning of Mazatlan, a new condominium tower project will be developed on the land.

Said work was authorized in 2017, during the administration of former mayor Fernando Pucheta, however, they never received a license because the owner of the land filed a lawsuit.

“That project was authorized there, but the license was not given to them, it went to trial and we had to give the permit, there is a resolution in which the judge obliges the city council to grant the permit.”

Estavillo Kelly reported that residents of the area have reported and have refused the construction of the new residential tower, since they consider that it will come to invade an area where there should not be towers of this type.

“Yes, there are, but I repeat this is a legal issue in which the municipality was forced to grant a license and we have to be respectful of that decision, if it had not been for that, this administration would not have spelled said permission to build.

The project that was authorized in 2017 towered over the adjoining building, the Freeman Hotel, but the developer was dissuaded from lowering the building, from 13 to 10 stories.

This modification was recommended to continue respecting the buildings that are in the Historic Center of Mazatlan, so that the old buildings continue to stand out over the new ones.

In fact, Paseo de Olas Altas is a Historical Heritage of the Nation by the Regulation of Historical Monuments, according to the 2001 decree that requires respect for the architectural environment.


It is not the first time that neighbors come out to ask the authorities not to allow construction in the area, in April 2021, local and foreign residents protested and strongly rejected the construction of a tower on Paseo de Olas Altas.

They also created a petition for signatures on change.org, 2,500 signatures were requested, but after more than a year they have managed to obtain 2,346. Even since 2017 local media already published information that the private initiative prevailed more than the public.

Source: punto.mx

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