Mazatlan is the first city in Mexico visited by the “Duo di Flauti”


The Italians Marta Lorenza Grieco and Michele Fiore in their presentation on Saturday night showed the influence of opera on the music of their country.

Mazatlan. – This destination of beach and sun was the first city visited in Mexico by Italian artists Marta Lorenza Grieco and Michele Fiore , members of ” Duo di Flauti “, and it was at Casa Haas where a great concert enchanted Mazatlans with their talent.

The select audience enjoyed a first-class presentation, with which the Italian couple delighted with their fine notes on the flute, and demonstrated the influence of opera on Italian music.

The protagonists of the night have an extensive tour of theaters, amphitheaters and other cultural sites in Europe and the world, Mazatlán being the first city in Mexico where they offer their artistic quality.

The evening began with a duet, the creations of Nino Rota sounded with “Vecchia Romanza”, “Il Mulino”, and “Vecchio Carrillon”. With Giulio Briccialdi’s “Duo Concertant 2”, the attendees gave a loud ovation, which was reciprocated by the flutists with three more beautiful pieces.

With these types of events, the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, directed by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, continues to work hard to provide quality events for Mazatlan society, at affordable costs and of international stature.

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