Mazatlan condominium development closes public access to Cerritos beach


The Director of Planning for Sustainable Urban Development clarified that it is not a privatization, only that the owners of the condominium have permits from Semarnat to prohibit access, and above all, they say, that this space is used to do improper things.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – In social networks it was denounced through images captured by citizens, that by order of a condominium tower an access to the beach in Cerritos in Mazatlan was closed, and before this, the Sustainable Urban Development Planning Directorate was in charge to investigate the subject to find out what was really happening, and when they went to the place, they verified that the passage was indeed prohibited.

For what reason? It is argued that the one and a half meter corridor that leads to the beach was closed, because they can no longer stand people because they use that space as public bathrooms, and even go there to “get high,” said the head of the area, Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

“They present a concession, they granted them the concession of that step and the detail is that they close, they argue that they close because they are already angry that people go in to relieve themselves, that they go in to have sex, to get high and no one is responsible for keeping that area clean,” he reported. 

The local official stated that the owners of the condominium have permission from Semarnat to prohibit access to the beaches through that corridor, and despite that, they are not reluctant to open, they only ask that a vigilance committee be formed to put an end to those bad practices that occur.

“They are not reluctant to open the way as long as it is held responsible if there is a vigilance committee to keep that way in order and clean, that is, if there is a will on the part of the condominium owners who own that floor right” .

Who granted the concession?

“Semarnat, is the body that grants them, the municipality has no interference in that,” he said.

Estavillo Kelly clarified that there is no intention to privatize that area or to build anything in that place, only that they no longer want it to be used as public restrooms or for people to get in at night or early in the morning to do inappropriate things.

The Mazatlan Post