Florida garbage treatment plant to be replicated in Mazatlan


Mayor of Mazatlán visits and tours the facilities of the ESSSAB Latino América Scandinavian company in West Palm Beach County, Florida, in the United States

MAZATLAN. – They want a solution! Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres traveled to West Palm Beach County, Florida, in the United States, to tour the company ESSSAB Latino América Scandinavian and thus confirm that the company is duly established and has the capacity for the viability of carrying carry out a reliable project regarding waste management. 

This seeks to find viable solutions to the old problem of solid waste in the port, a problem that has been dragging on for many years.  

In Mazatlán, the daily collection of garbage reaches 600 tons, in such a situation and knowing that the dump is at 96 percent of its capacity, the municipal president met this morning with the CEO Juan José Rivera, CPO Esteban Manuel García Díaz, Saúl García Pérez and Aurora Ortiz, who make up the steering committee of ESSSAB Latin America Scandinavian. 

The plant that would be built in the port would be a replica of the one found in West Palm Beach, which processes 600 to 650 tons of waste with the best Waste to Energy technology and produces 26 Mega Watts of energy.  

Among the benefits of this project are the change of the environment, zero emissions, economic, media and ecological impact, achieving self-sustainability of environmental energies with the use of solid materials, these results would position Mazatlan in the TOP of Smart Cities in the world. , being the first WTE plant in Latin America. 

What is the ESSSAB Latin America Scandinavian?  

This company provides technological, environmental and financial solutions in accordance with the specific needs of each municipality or country, in view of the final disposal of the waste generated by the city, contributing 100% of the economic, technological and financial resources that are necessary for the design, construction and operation of a new WTE (Waste To Energy) plant.  

How much would it cost to the port? Nothing, it’s free, yes, the company will recover its investment by contracting the purchase of energy produced by the same plant with special waste treatment. 

Source: punto.mx

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