“There is work and that is the basis of peaceful societies” businessman celebrates bonanza in La Noria


The restaurateur Roberto Osuna Valdez, explained that the stigma of being a violent town is left behind, and the visit of thousands of tourists a year support it, he assures.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The rural area of ​​Mazatlán presents an annual growth of approximately 50 percent, in terms of tourist visits and business openings, mainly country-style restaurants, with the area of ​​La Noria being the most benefited from the El Habal-Picachos corridor.

Roberto Osuna Valdez, a restaurant entrepreneur, explained that coordinated work has been done with the municipal and state governments to leave behind the stigma that this region has severe insecurity problems, which is demonstrated at the time to have the weekends, mainly, full in the restaurants and the town.

“That was left behind, right now, the truth is when there is development, when there are so many beautiful things that are happening in La Noria, insecurity, or young people, many people dedicate themselves to things well, the ladies, the young people, the gentlemen are very happy because there is work, work is the basis for a society to be calm and live at ease, that is why the development of La Noria has gone very well”.

He specified that the difference from other places to visit, such as El Quelite, is that this is a corridor, not just a town or restaurant, with a vast gastronomic offer to spend the day, complemented by the tradition and work of the artisans who offer from huaraches, bags or leather belts, even pieces of clay.

In addition, he said, there is the vinata, which has national recognition, as well as the Picachos dam, where you can go fishing, as one more activity to do in the area, which makes them different, by offering different things to visitors, that come from the national territory, but also from the international one.

Osuna Valdez pointed out that little by little the presence of tourists has been growing because the word of everything that is offered has already spread, allowing an annual growth of fifty percent, compared to the previous year.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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