Is Mazatlán ready to continue growing? This is what the Implan says


The head of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning of Mazatlan expresses that large cities are planned.

MAZATLAN. – Mazatlan continues to grow, that is a fact, in recent years it has become one of the most important cities in our country and this has positioned it as the favorite place to invest in real estate. 

Now it is normal for us to see dozens of ads for subdivisions under construction, the vast majority are located north of the city, delimiting the “new end” of Mazatlan.  

But that is not all, industrialization will also come, and it will be hand in hand with the Aerospace Park and the Mazatlán Logistics Center (MLC), industrial zones that will further boost the growth of the port.  

It is certain that, in the coming years, all those areas that are now “mounted” will become new subdivisions. 

And yes, when we talk about urban growth it’s fine, but is Mazatlan ready to grow in this way?  

The head of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning of Mazatlan, Implan, Leticia Alvarado Fuentes, said that the port already has too large an urban sprawl and perhaps continuing to grow exponentially is not the right thing to do. 

“When we think of the urban sprawl of Mazatlan, it is a sprawling sprawl. We see that this city perhaps, perhaps, is not prepared in infrastructure for this number of superstructures or to offer a good public service.” 

He pointed out that, although it is true that it is very important for a city to have this type of investment, it is much more important to review whether that investment will be profitable for life or only for a few years. 

“I understand that we must take advantage of the real estate moment, the moment of investments, that is clear to me, but we would also have to foresee whether all these investments are going to guarantee us a better quality of life in the future.” 

So how do you get big cities?  

The municipal official stressed that they do it not by ignoring whoever plans, the cities that are successful here in Latin America and right here in Mexico are being built hand in hand with planning because otherwise it can remain a dream and be counterproductive.  

He added that there are many spaces in the current urban sprawl that have all services nearby: shopping centers, markets, and transport routes, which can be used for these new housing areas, but instead they are spaces in full decline.

The Mazatlan Post