These are the neighborhoods with the highest risk of flooding in Mazatlan


There are streams and canals, especially the Jabalines, which represent a risk for those who live near the riverbed.

MAZATLAN.- Every year, it is well known that Mazatlan floods, from north to south, and to measure the risk there are mechanisms that Civil Protection has at hand that help identify potentially dangerous areas. So keep reading, because you may find the name of your neighborhood or subdivision here.

Within the urban area of ​​Mazatlán, it is estimated that there are more than 80 human settlements prone to flooding due to the rains, in addition to the rural area, where there are more than 15 points at risk, thanks to the fact that they are near canals or streams.

Next, we present the neighborhoods susceptible to the risk of river flooding in Mazatlán.

Urban zone

The City Center, Lázaro Cárdenas, Benito Juárez, Toledo Corro, Rubén Jaramillo, Villas del Estero, November 20, Ramón F. Iturbide, Fovissste Mazatlán, Lico Velarde Extension, Playas del Sol, Flamingos, Alameda, Genaro Estrada, Villas del Sol, La Foresta and Villa Verde.  

There are also other sectors such as Salvador Allende, Insurgentes, Tierra y Libertad, May 12, Casas Económicas, Bahías de Mazatlán, Valle Dorado, Hogar del Pescador, Infonavit Playas, López Mateos, Pueblo Nuevo, El Toreo, Francisco Villa, Anabella from Gávica, Playa Sur, Lico Velarde and Villa Verde. 

Other points are Los Laureles, San Jorge, Gaviotas, Sábalo Country, Pino Suárez, Francisco I Madero, Rafael Buelna, Burócrata, Olas Atlas, Jacarandas, Anáhuac, Jesús García, Santa Cecilia and Azteca. 

Rural zone 

For their part, in the communities of the rural area that may be affected are from La Cofradía, El Tecomate, Escamilla, Lomas de Monterrey, San Francisquito, La Tuna, El Vinillo, El Pozole, La Urraca Vieja, Barrón, Siqueros, El Bajío , Lomas del Guayabo, El Roble, Villa Unión and El Walamo.  

It is important and valuable that all the people who live in these points, heed the recommendations of Civil Protection and the different brigades, in addition to protecting valuable papers among other personal things.  

Javelins Creek

The Jabalines stream, whose channel flows for more than 11 km in the urban area of ​​the city until its mouth at the Infiernillo estuary, is one of the main generators of floods due to the fact that it has undergone modifications in its natural form, which has caused this runoff overflows and causes damage to the population, businesses, industry and municipal infrastructure.

There are 94 human settlements on the main basin of the Jabalines stream, which represent the area most vulnerable to flooding, according to the Risk Atlas.

other streams

Jabalines 13.57 km long 
Venadillo-cid 8.75 km long 
San Marcos-allende 6.21 km long 
Juarez-internacional-azteca 4.54 km long  
Alborada-urias-mazindustrial 4.37 km long 
San Antonio-Del Valle dam Munich-villa Verde 4.06 km in length 
Universo-hda Victoriamzt 3-campo Golf-fco Ima 4.05 km in length 
Bimbo-pemex-cafe Marino-jesus Garcia-azteca 2.95 km in length 
Sanchez Celis-toreo-cid 2.43 km in length 
Villa Tutuli-mañanitas-villa Verde 2.33 km long 
Progreso-pradera 2.17 km long 
Clouthier-melina-pemex 2.03 km long 
Inf. Playas-jacarandas 1.97 km long 
Camino Armadillo-pradera-progreso-torres Bodet 1.96 km long 
Cruz Lga 1.85 km km long 
La Raqueta-clouthier 1.70 km long 
Chulavista-dorados De Villa-fed 3-av La Marina 1.59 km long 
Fm-niños-heroes- Jesus Garcia 1.58 km long 
Lcatsin-clouthier 1.24 km long 
Valles Del Ejido-h Del Pescador 1.19 km long 
Bicentenario-fco Villa 1.10 km long 
Chololos-magueyes-chonita-Jabalines stream 1.10 km long  
Fco. Villa- Av. La Marina 1.08 km long 
Buenos Aires-mañanitas 0.65 km long 
Reforma 0.62 km long 
Felipe Angeles-francisco Villa 0.50 km long 
Av. La Marina-home Depot 0.26 km long 

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