Mazatlan gay march will be carried out with reinforcement of sanitary protocols


Tulio Martínez Tirado, president of Sinaloa Diverso AC, pointed out that they will be meeting with the municipal authorities to define the health guidelines to be followed at the event.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Gay Pride march in Mazatlán, scheduled for Saturday, June 18, continues preparations because the city is not on an alert for suspected cases of Monkeypox, however, entering a new wave of infections, if it will force modifications to the protocols of the event, pointed out Tulio Martínez Tirado. 

The president of the Sinaloa Diverso Civil Association expressed that the possible spread of the disease in Puerto Vallarta does not directly affect this tourist destination, so that, until this Thursday, the preparations continue, and they also hope to meet with municipal authorities to establish measures to be implemented by the growth of Covid-19 infections in the municipality.

“You are not putting yourself at risk, there has been no case here in Mazatlan, I understand that there was an infected person in Vallarta and he was the one who made the contagion, now that Pride is coming, because here it is a parade, but the people if we are going to march with the mouth cover, we continue to follow the protocols as last year was paraded ”.

He indicated that, on behalf of the organizers, the call is being made to those who will participate in the parade, to do so with mouth covers and respecting the distances, as well as to carry an antibacterial gel with them to be placing it continuously or when necessary. in the hands. 

Martínez Tirado pointed out that this situation does not take them so much by surprise, since the planning of the event began, respect for the sanitary guidelines was established, although it will have to be aware of the recommendations that the authorities make regarding the permitted capacities where the coronation of the queen or king of the march will take place, still to be defined. 

The thirteenth march of diversity for gay pride in Mazatlán is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, starting at 5:00 p.m., starting from the Sánchez Taboada roundabout heading to Valentinos, along the boardwalk, also in the week from the 13 June cultural events, artistic exhibitions, talks and conferences will be held at Casa Hass.

The Mazatlan Post