Free gasoline in Mazatlan? Now its possible if you recycle your cooking oil


For every 5 liters you donate, they will give you a voucher of 50 pesos for gasoline.

MAZATLAN. – Did someone say free gas? Jumapam, together with Tirados Oil’s, announces the campaign “I Recycle my Oil” and here we will tell you how you can help and at the same time get free gasoline.

This initiative seeks to prevent used cooking oil from being thrown into the drainage system and encourage the recycling of vegetable oil to transform it into biodiesel and tire polish.

The General Manager of Jumapam, Osbaldo López Angulo, stated that there are currently 5 collection centers, two in urban areas, located in the central office and in Rebombeo Juárez; and 3 in rural areas, in El Roble, Siqueros and El Recodo, where 589.5 liters of used cooking oil have been collected so far this year.

It is important that the oil is donated because if it is not, it will surely be thrown into the drain, where it causes problems of clogging of networks and damages the re-pumping equipment, generating a high cost to the operation.

And although they have been working well, the Red Petroil company joins the campaign, which will provide a new collection center.

The director of Tirados Oil’s, the company that collects and recycles oil, Cinthia Quiñonez, commented that in the almost two years since the “I Recycle my Oil” campaign, almost 2,600 liters of oil have been collected, but now with This alliance with Red Petroil to open a new collection center is expected to increase collection.

The Grijalba Service Station will be the collection center for Red Petroil, where for every 5 liters of used cooking oil, citizens will receive a voucher for 50 pesos for gasoline.

“We want to thank you for taking part in this campaign to make us aware of the problem caused by pouring oil down the drain, we as a Socially Responsible Company will always be interested in participating in this type of campaign,” said the Director of Petroplazas Service Stations, Herberto Gomez Burgueno.

The Mazatlan Post