The whole family runs along the boardwalk marathon “Pedestre Naval Race”


In pairs, with balloons, as a family and with the sea of ​​inspiration, they managed to run from 5 to 10 kilometers in the event organized by the Fourth Naval Zone.

MAZATLAN.- The boardwalk and the sea as a panoramic view, were the perfect setting for the first Naval Pedestrian Race, where hundreds of families gathered to “Run for you.”  

At 7:00 am, the race started with about 600 participants, age was the least important, children, youth, adults and older adults, limitations? None, the goal, only one.  

These types of races seem more like a party than a competition, everyone supports each other, motivates each other and pushes forward with their goal, which perhaps for some is just like inhaling and exhaling, but for others, it is all about training in mind and body.  

There were balloons tied to the wrists of some participants, the masked men were not lacking, Spiderman, for example, managed to run 10 kilometers without his identity being discovered, and Venny, Venny just waited to share a photo with him.  

Smiling children, with red cheeks, but proud of themselves for achieving their goal, always accompanied by mom and dad; grandparents who, at every step they took, received cheers from the attendees, “almost”, “if you can”, “let’s go”, were some of the many they received.  

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

From Torreon and Saltillo, Coahuila; Morelia, Michoacan; Durango; Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; from Culiacán and Mazatlán, from Sinaloa; even from Texas, United States, because when it comes to a race by the sea, there is no one to resist.  

Even those who support themselves with sports crutches, managed to be part of the event, giving all their effort and demonstrating that the limits are mental and that everything is possible, if you work with effort and motivation from yourself and others.  

There were more than 15 prizes awarded, among applause, laughter and cheers, which among the comments hope that next year will be repeated with more participants and more winners.