They hope to certify Mazatlan shrimp with Blue Seal


The certification of Mazatlan shrimp with the Blue Seal is about to be achieved, which would be the first at the international level and would open the doors to export not only to the United States: Ricardo Michel Luna.

Mazatlan producers are a few months away from being authorized the certification of deep-sea shrimp, which would be the first worldwide, announced the Undersecretary of Fisheries, Ricardo Michel Luna.

The Undersecretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries (Sedectur) said that an agreement is about to be finalized with an alliance of producers in which they are trying to achieve the certification of high seas shrimp.

He added that they are in the final stage of 30 percent to finish the certification and that it would be the first shrimp fishing certification in the world.

“We have every intention that the Municipal Government enter into this agreement so that it is the promoter of the brand, the Mazatleco shrimp brand, then, we are working on everything that gives in this coordination that the Municipal President invited me to work on it and we are putting everything we know and we know out there, ” said the former local shipowner leader.

Michel Luna explained that this brand registration would be before an MSC, that is, the “Marine Stewardship Council”, which is an international certifying company and is also well recognized worldwide, with whom the alliance of shrimp producers and where the Municipality participates in this agreement.

The former fishing leader confided that to achieve certification it takes at most one year, because there is already a previous job from 7 years ago, so they are currently at 93 percent, taking advantage of everything that was done in 7 years and they are already 7 percent away from completing the certification process.

“In a year, we will have the first Mazatlan shrimp certification worldwide, that would be a huge plus, because this not only benefits high-seas fishing, but also benefits both tourism and gastronomy itself,” manifested.

Michel Luna showed his confidence in achieving the certification of the Mazatlan shrimp, since with this seal, exports would improve, because with this seal it gives a plus so that the companies that are dedicated to the purchase of shrimp worldwide, with the certification, open the aperture completely and can be exported to other countries, not only the United States.

Marine Stewardship Council, or Blue Seal, is awarded to seafood products from certified fishing under our standard. MSC is the only wild-capture fisheries certification and eco-labeling program that meets the best practice requirements set by both the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and ISEAL, the Global Association for Sustainability Standards.


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