New avenues? Check out the plans to reduce traffic in Mazatlan


What is sought is to form new important avenues in Mazatlan, routes that are an option for citizens who wish to move without problem to their place of origin: work, home, places, etc.

MAZATLAN. – The port will work on a more efficient urban mobility seeking a future of sustainable mobility that reduces traffic, how will it do it? With renovated and remodeled roads that provide motorists with better routes; was reported by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. 

What is sought is to form new important roads in Mazatlan, routes that are an option for citizens who wish to move without problems to their destinations: work, home, places.

“These are three avenues parallel to Del Mar Avenue that will alleviate the traffic that is generated in the most important roads of the city.”  

The avenues that will be remodeled will be Canseco Avenue, which already has LED lights, remember that these lamps will be placed throughout the city to give Mazatlan a better image. Another of the roads that will be embellished will be the Santa Rosa, which will be extended to the bypass so that the driver has alternate routes. The Cristóbal Colón (in front of Plaza Acaya) will also be extended until it reaches the bypass.

Likewise, work is being done on the construction of Delfín Avenue, which is 60 percent complete and will be supervised next week.  

“With these works we are going to have five parallel avenues so that traffic from all areas of all neighborhoods can reach Mazatlan without causing road problems.”  

The fiveavenues to be improved are the following:

Línea 1: Venadito – Avenida Zaragoza 

Línea 2: El Conchi – Galerías 

Línea 3: Upsin – Administración Portuaria Integral  

Línea 4: Urías – Mariana Mazatlán 

Línea 5: Estadio El Kraken  

These new projects are part of the New Urban Agenda Applied from the Local that integrates the International Summit of the Habitat of Latin America and the Caribbean 2022 


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