Report them! denounce those who throw garbage in canals and streams


Civil Protection calls on the population to keep the city’s streams and canals clean

MAZATLAN.- In order to keep the canals, drains, and streams clean to prevent flooding during the rainy season, the municipal Civil Protection coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, said that they continue to find a lot of garbage in them, for which he asked to report to people who throw garbage and debris, in addition to inviting society to keep them in optimal conditions.  

The official pointed out that the first meteorological phenomenon that is impacting the southeast of the country, had rapid growth, after being as a tropical depression, when it became a category 3 hurricane, and made it clear that the phenomena are growing in less than 48 hours. .  

He expressed that this makes them better prepared, in advance in the different zones, as well as regions that could be affected by any type of meteorological phenomena.  

Ruiz Gastélum said that work is already being done to clean the canals, drains and streams, which already has a progress of 57 kilometers that include these causes, which are responsible for all the stormwater runoff in the rainy seasons, for what he called the population to help clean them, but above all keep them clean.  

“It is incredible that the cleaning that was carried out a few days ago, stoves, refrigerators, rooms and all the furniture that we commonly have at home were stolen, it is also important that the population knows that different de-cacharrization campaigns are being carried out in some points of the municipality ”, he commented.  

He said that next Thursday or Friday, there will be a tour of the different facilities that are being proposed as temporary shelters in the municipality; there will be a total of 11. 

Given the formation and displacement of the tropical storm in the southeast of the country, he ruled out that there are effects or phono seas on the coast of Mazatlan.   

On the other hand, he stressed that the National Meteorological System announced that until the month of August is when you can have the greatest activity from rains in the entire region, because what is being prepared for it.  

In Mazatlan there are about 80 urban and 18 rural settlements considered as potentially affected by the risk of flooding; in each of them, in different intensities.


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