Sinaloa is a safe state says AMLO


AMLO denies that criminal groups have taken power in the country because he is not Felipe Calderón

After assuring that organized crime is not in control of the state of Sinaloa, even though on his first day of touring the state an armed group stopped journalists as they traveled through the Badiraguato mountains, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he is not Felipe Calderón.

Upon leaving his visit to the Picachos Dam, where he held a supervision meeting and offered a brief interview, the federal executive said that it is the conservative groups that have been in charge of saying that criminal groups are taking over certain territories of Sinaloa. .

“That’s what the conservatives say, but don’t believe them, they can have problems, I mean they can cause confusion.

To the question about the fact that they wear tactical uniforms, equipment that is supposed to belong only to the army, he replied that this happens in Jalisco, in other places, and it is wrong, it is something that should not happen, so it is not only the case of Sinaloa.

No, that’s what the conservatives think, now, I’m not Felipe Calderón, to make it clear, there is no García Luna in the government.

He stated that during his stay in the state, he felt safe and very happy with the people because the people of Sinaloa are good, “our conservative opponents are always going to look for something to question us, but they are also within their rights. All good, more than good we continue hitting above 400”, he pointed out.


The Mazatlan Post