“There is talk of an illegal assignment”; OIC investigates adjudication and purchase of lamps in Mazatlan


Despite what many people say, the Internal Control Body is objective and impartial and all the decisions that are issued are based on municipal regulations, declared Rafael Padilla Diaz.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The Internal Control Body opened an investigation folder for the purchase and direct award of 2 thousand 139 LED luminaires, for a cost of 400.8 million, to the company Azteca Lighting and everything, with the purpose of clarifying doubts and verifying if the process of the Acquisitions Committee was done in accordance with the regulations, declared Rafael Padilla Diaz.

The municipal comptroller specified that the entire process must be careful because they are media issues and it is very likely that as soon as a decision is issued (whatever it is), there will be a legal response.

“There was talk that it was an illegal direct assignment; So, on this we started the investigation. We are asking for the documentation only “

The head of the Internal Control Body clarified that if there was a strong or serious cause, the contract or the Committee’s minutes could be revoked, since they are very different things, but that will be determined by the investigation.

The Internal Control Body opens an investigation for the purchase of LED lamps for 400.8 million pesos in Mazatlan.

“We have to remember that contracts are agreements of wills and I couldn’t answer that right now, but there must be causes, that is, we have to look for the causes”

What could it be?

“I can’t say that, but they are different times because one thing is the minutes of the Committee and another thing is the contract,” he said.

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Padilla Díaz affirmed that the Internal Organ, despite what many people say, is objective and impartial, and all the resolutions that are issued are based on municipal regulations, all in accordance with the law

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