Learn about the history behind the oldest mansions and buildings in Mazatlan


Our port is the only place where locals and tourists have the opportunity to walk through streets and alleys that immerse you in a journey through its historical past.

MAZATLAN. – Did you know that Mazatlán is considered the only colonial city with a beach in the entire country? Our port is the only place where visitors have the opportunity to walk through streets and alleys that immerse you in a journey through its great historical past, which is manifested in the architecture of its beautiful mansions.

When you visit this destination you can enjoy the best of both worlds: beautiful beaches and a colorful Historic Center full of culture and history.

Due to the passage of time and modernization, the old mansions, the streets and other historic buildings had some modifications, but there are houses that still retain their original facade, which now becomes the perfect background for a photo.

In recent years, work has been done on the rescue and conservation of old Mazatlan, managing to preserve the imposing historic buildings; In 2001, the Historic Center was declared a Zone of Historical Monuments and it was there that its rescue began.

According to the chronicler Enrique Vega Atala, these are some properties that still preserve their history:

Machado Square

This place is the heart of the Historic Center. Built-in 1837, it is considered the oldest and most popular plaza in Mazatlan.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

It is the main religious building in Mazatlán since its construction in 1899. This place has neo-gothic art accentuated by neoclassical influences, with beautiful towers and majestic design.

Angela Peralta Theater

This is the site of all the cultural life of Mazatlan. This beautiful place built-in 1874 is considered one of the most beautiful and important theaters in the country.

Portals of Canobbio

It dates from 1880, it housed an old apothecary owned by Luis Canobbio. It was known as the “Fountain of Eternal Youth”, since it prepared the liquor of “the goddess Venus”, with which it restored the beauty and recovered the will of many women.

It is currently a renowned restaurant and several galleries.

El Somellera (currently Presidio restaurant)

It is one of the oldest farms in Mazatlán, it represents all its architectural and cultural splendor of the end of the 19th century of the port.

Elorza House

It was an old farm dating back to the 19th century, currently used as a parking lot for the famous Casa 46 restaurant.

Hotel Melville

The Melville Boutique Hotel features neoclassical architectural design. It is said that it is named in honor of a US Navy Marine, Herman Melville, who in 1844 was in Mazatlan as part of a military outpost.

Before later, in 1850 he would manage to write one of the most classic works of universal literature: Moby Dick.

Mazatlan Club Muralla

More than 100 years ago the Club Muralla Mazatlán was founded, it was located in the heart of the Historic Center. The wall was built thanks to a group of friends with the need to create a civil association to instill sports activity.

The Fort March 31

And although it is not located within the first square of the city, the Fort 31 de Marzo is another representative building of the time, which was built after the historic defense of the port against the powerful French army, which aboard the ship “La Cordeliere ”, in 1864, he tried to invade Mazatlán.


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