Mazatlan City Council justifies buying LED street lights for 400.8 million pesos


The mayor justified the acquisition of the lamps because they illuminate as if it were daytime and help reduce crime rates.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The Government of Mazatlan directly awarded the purchase of 2,139 LED-type lamps, for an amount of 400.8 million pesos, to the company Azteca Lighting SA de CV, which has the exclusive rights to manufacture, market and distribute the luminaires in Mexico of the UFO brand.

Given the controversy generated by such a high acquisition without bidding, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, with an annoyed tone when questioned on the subject, stated that there is nothing to clarify.

“Everything is in transparency, there is nothing to clarify and I do not like the mitotes, that (acquisition of LED lamps) is going to empower Mazatlán to be the light city of the country, and that is going to generate more resources for us. All the avenues of Mazatlán are going to light up with those lamps, all of them, without any left, and count them, I challenge you to count them”, he referred.

The municipal president justified the acquisition of the lamps because they illuminate as if it were daytime and, in addition, they contribute to lowering the crime rates of the town, so the idea is to replace all the public lighting in the municipality with LED lamps.

“It illuminates as if it were daytime because the resolution is greater than any lamp they can put on, and when the light is daytime, it allows crime to drop and that is what we want, safe cities.”

“…but, not only that, I am going to put another type of lamps that go to all the streets of Mazatlan and there will not be a single street that does not have a lamp,” he said.

According to the Citizen Observatory of Mazatlán, it is specified that the government authorized the purchase of 2,139 luminaires for a cost of 400.8 million pesos, a procedure that was carried out via direct award, in accordance with the minutes of session 87/2022 of the Committee of Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Municipality of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The document specifies that the proposal was made by the direction of Municipal Public Services for the “sustainability and modernization of the public lighting system in different avenues of Mazatlan, with its own resources, for the activities of the area.”

These types of luminaires have already been installed on the avenues of Mar, Camarón Sábalo, Rafael Buelna, Sábalo Cerritos and Gabriel Leyva, roads that have been remodeled from 2017 to date.

These 400.8 million pesos will be paid in four parts. The first 120.2 million pesos were given in April 2022, as well as the advance payment, together with the receipt certificate, which is another 13.4 million pesos; in April 2023 another 133.6 million pesos will be paid and in April 2024 another 133.6 million pesos.

According to the minutes, the contract was endorsed by Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez, Senior Official and president of the Acquisitions Committee; Jesús Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, treasurer; Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, director of Public Works and first member; José David Ibarra Olmeda, director of Public Services and second member of the committee, at the same time, presented the proposal; and Bernardo Eduardo Alcaraz, alderman.

The secretary of the City Council, Édgar González Zataráin and Claudia Magdalena Cárdenas Díaz, Attorney General, who also acts as a quality witness, did not sign.


The Mazatlan Post