Mazatlan creeks and water channels filled with trash


* The rainy season is coming and they fear floods

The rainwater channels of Mazatlan, mainly those located in the Infonavit Francisco Alarcón, and another one on Santa Rosa Avenue, have not only become accumulations of rats, garbage and scavengers that corner the area, but also a serious risk for the inhabitants of the surroundings, because in the rainy season they overflow, because these causes are covered and cause flooding in all the surrounding areas.

And although at the moment the problem of the accumulation of garbage has been attributed to the residents of the area, they themselves express the opposite, they defend themselves, since they comment that this arises due to the garbage that is thrown away but from passers-by who usually throw their waste in the area, and that they are not even neighbors of the subdivision.

It should be noted that it is not only the problem of the accumulation of garbage that covers the rainwater channels and causes flooding, but also the nest of rats that abound in the area, adding to that the visit of scavengers who sift through the waste and cause a mess.

The neighbors stated that it is a problem that they have been enduring for many years, and that they have tried to cope with, and although they have filed constant complaints with the authorities, they have never paid attention to them.


The Mazatlan Post