Mazatlan police chief accused of selling police ranks and nepotism


Police denounce that they had to pay up to 80 thousand pesos for Secretary Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola to give them a promotion.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The “sewege” was uncovered inside the Mazatlán Public Security Secretariat. From favoritism of Commander Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola towards relatives who work in the unit, charges of 80 thousand pesos to police officers to obtain a higher degree and even the possible forgery of the signature of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to give certain benefits… all of that It happened inside the corporation.

The speech of change fell to the mayor of Mazatlán with the case of Alfaro Gaxiola, since the still Secretary of Security, a position he has held since November 2020, not only summarizes the PRI and PAN vices, but also evidences the way of acting of the current government, that of the 4T: pretend and continue acting the same, in addition to showing a case of corruption typical of other times.

Not intervening in an eviction that got out of control in the Hacienda del Valle neighborhood last Monday was the straw that broke the camel’s back, since the mayor ordered the Internal Control Body and Internal Affairs of the Police to investigate the actions of the chief police. But apparently this goes much further.

So far, Alfaro Gaxiola has refused to speak publicly, nor has he sent his resignation letter to the City Council, but the mayor confirmed that he is also being investigated for the alleged forgery of his signature.


The secretary of the City Council, Édgar González Zataráin, rejected the existence of a gag law within the Ministry of Public Security itself, because it was likely that Alfaro Gaxiola himself did not want to attend to the media, but that it is his obligation to talk about the issues of favoritism in the delivery of promotions to commanders.

When enumerating the irregularities detected within the Secretariat of Public Security, he reported that there is annoyance within the police themselves, since they said that they were not given vacations, so right now there are more than 100 elements who, after the operation of Week of Easter vacations were given directly by the mayor.

“The policeman has to rest, there is no policeman who can perform no matter how much he is a policeman who plays sports or exercises or is trained, no one is going to be able to bear being without vacations or without rest, today that part is being granted to them; there are 98 complaints against the municipality caused by the secretary Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola himself and those complaints against the municipality undermine the finances of the Commune itself”, he explained.

More irregularities sprout inside the SSPM. 

He added that these complaints are due to bad orders given by the secretary himself to the policemen, who denounce and claim the Commune, in addition to the fact that there were times when Alfaro Gaxiola removed degrees from the agents and did not allow them to go on vacation. He even punished them, even though there were no elements for it.

González Zatarain justified that Commander Alfaro Gaxiola had not been called to account, because this had already been investigated for a long time, and the fact that the case had been turned over to the Internal Control Body was not from last week, but since he arrived at the Town Hall Secretary.

“The complaints about the sale of degrees began to arrive, it must be said clearly, many policemen came to claim that they had already paid for their degree and it was not given to them, many policemen came to say that they had already paid for their degree and how the situation was going of your grade. Obviously that alerted us, we reviewed and we sent that a little over two months ago to the Internal Control Body and there is a file that is going very fast and very well on track, ” he explained.

The municipal official indicated that Commander Alfaro Gaxiola will remain in his position until the authority determines so, until the investigation is concluded and the term will be determined by the Internal Control Body itself.

He reported that at least 23 complaints have reached the Secretary of the City Council that they had already paid for their degree or promotion, where there are people who were asked for 60,000 pesos, there are others who were asked for 80,000 and others 50,000.

“Until that, the figure has varied, the version in those three figures has been, there are policemen who say that they were even forced to request a loan from the municipality itself to be able to give that money, this is under investigation, I do not want to give names , because it is in the folder”.

González Zatarain clarified that Commander Alfaro Gaxiola is not guilty, until proven otherwise, but that everything will be a moral issue on the part of the police chief, to say if he leaves office while he is being investigated, since he can do it, if he himself wants, but so far he has not tendered his resignation.


Currently they already have several prospects in case Commander Alfaro Gaxiola leaves office, where even Mayor Benítez Torres himself has already reviewed some proposals.

“But I want to tell you immediately and that by law, the regulations tell you who should go up while you define, but regardless of that, there are proposals to replace it,” he assured.


The secretary of the City Council reported that it is a serious case that the signatures of the mayor of Mazatlán were possibly forged for the granting of degrees, so expert reports will have to be made and that will have to be determined by the authority, which is already investigating.


Jesús Osuna Lamarque, president of the Labor and Social Welfare Commission, reported that commander Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola has not submitted his retirement application to the Municipal Council so far.

He confirmed that the police chief meets the requirements, since he has at least 25 years of service completed. He added that the process, once he requests it, would take a period of a month and a half.


  • There are currently 98 complaints against the City Council, caused by the secretary himself, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.
  • 80,000 pesos is the maximum he charged policemen for giving them a degree within the SSPM.


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