Mazatlan Civil Protection on alert for the next hurricane and cyclone season


For now, the rainwater channels, external channels, as well as streams are already being cleaned to avoid overflows with the presence of rains.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Although the hurricane season in the Pacific runs from June to November, Sinaloa Civil Protection is already preparing for any contingency that could derive from these natural phenomena.

Oscar Osuna Tirado, delegate in the south of Civil Protection, Sinaloa, announced that, with the participation of the Municipalities, the pluvial channels, external channels, as well as streams are being cleaned.

He said that these works are aimed at preventing any incident due to the overflow of water during the rainy season.

“The rains will start on May 15, but the precipitation could fall in the region in June or July of this year,” he added.

The state official announced that on May 17 the national flag of the hurricane and cyclone season will be given and it will be at the Mazatlan Convention Center.

Osuna Tirado assured that this event will be attended as special guests by the Secretary of National Defense, of the Navy and all the directors of Civil Protection in the country, as well as the mayors of Sinaloa.

He explained that it will be precisely at this event that the forecast for the hurricane season for both the Pacific and the Atlantic will be announced by the National Water Commission.

Finally, he trusted that the natural phenomena for this year will be less aggressive due to the presence of the ‘La Niña’ phenomenon, which could weaken the hurricanes.


The Mazatlan Post