Mazatlan surfer kids celebrate their day taming waves


The Sinaloa State Surfing Association held a clinic at “El Camarón” Beach

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Within the framework of the Children’s Day celebrations, the Sinaloa State Surfing Association held a free surf clinic at “El Camarón” Beach, being quite a party .

From very early on, the little surfers arrived with their boards or bodyboards, to carry out the clinic, whose objective was to give the knowledge that this sport is, which little by little is providing more seedbeds.

Those in charge of giving this clinic were Ricardo del Valle, Jesús Núñez, Luis Carbajal, Feliciano Altamirano and Roberto Durán, who are great sufferers and have extensive knowledge of this sport.

Some of the topics that were seen in this celebration and clinic are the basics of surfing and bodyboarding, knowledge of the sea, learning physical conditioning, training for surfing, improvement and technique, as well as competitions.

Another of the things that could be seen within this clinic were some talks on sports psychology, as well as one on sports nutrition and health, which are vital for a growing child and developing competition.

In the end, the little attendees carried out what they had learned out of the water, to take advantage of the waves on the beach and ride on their boards, in order to develop this sport and remove their fear of the sea.


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